Tier 4 Update 21 Dec 2020

Therfield Heath Visitor UPDATE – 21 December 2020

With the announcement that we will be in Tier 4, the Heath remains open to visitors providing an important place for both physical and mental wellbeing.

We would ask all our visitors to take note of the following advice/restrictions. Tier 4 means that you can continue to take unlimited exercise alone, or in a public outdoor place with your household, support bubble or one other person.

Please be kind and respectful to fellow visitors – everyone needs to be able to enjoy the Heath and Greens safely.

Thank you for your co-operation,

The Conservators

Update on Facilities

Car Parks – For those who wish to travel to visit the Heath, the car parks remain open.  If one car park is full please use an alternative.  Please do park with consideration giving space to other visitors and be patient.  We would ask you to not block any entrances or prevent access for emergency vehicles.  Please do not park outside the car park, or on any grass areas.

Bins – with the likely increase in visitors, there will be an increase in the amount of rubbish.  Please help us to keep the Heath clean and tidy at all times. Take your rubbish home with you wherever possible, and particularly if bins are full.  Please do not leave your litter at the side of the bins; it not only presents a risk to wildlife that lives on the Heath, but also presents a health risk to other visitors.

Café – The Heath Café will be serving takeaway food only.  Please ensure you dispose of take away food containers or coffee cups responsibly, either in bins provided or take them home. For more information including opening times and menus go to www.roystonheath.co.uk

Toilets – there are no public toilets nearby.

Sports – Royston Golf Club remains open, please do what you can to help the Golf Club successfully operate in a ‘covid-19 secure’ way and especially socially distance from the marshals and greenkeeping staff. For more information go to www.roystongolfclub.co.uk

Dogs – We remind dog owners that if you think your dog will not recall such that you may have to break social distancing to control your dog then it should be on lead.

Cycling – Cycling is not permitted on the Heath at any time.

Bylaws – Please remember there are a set of bylaws in place to protect the site and to keep visitors safe. Do please check these before you visit.  http://www.therfieldheath.org.uk/the-bye-laws/