Therfield Heath COVID-19 UPDATE – 13th May 2020

The Government has amended the law concerning public open spaces and therefore the Heath is not only open for exercise but additionally for the vast array of recreational activities to promote physical or mental health or emotional wellbeing. 

Please remember the requirements on individuals to socially distance and not gather in groups larger than two unless all people are from the same household. We ask that you remain up to date with Government guidance about remaining safe while outside your home – it is your responsibility to adopt these principles wherever possible.

Let’s all think of each other as we enjoy the Heath, and responsibly take full advantage of the updated regulations.

Thank you for your co-operation,

The Conservators

Car Parks – For those who wish to travel some distance to visit the Heath, the car parks remain open.  If one car park is full please use an alternative.  Please do park with consideration giving space to other visitors, and be patient.  We would ask you to not block any entrances or prevent access for emergency vehicles.  Please do not park outside the car park, or on any grass areas.

Café – The Heath Café remains closed.

Toilets – There are no public toilets on site.

Sports – We anticipate Golf will restart on Friday 15th May and Tennis later.  It is important for those who have enjoyed exercising on the fairways to be aware of golfers and the resumption of golf.  Please do what you can to help the Golf Club successfully operate in a ‘covid-19 secure’ way and especially socially distance from the marshals and greenkeeping staff.

Dogs – We remind dog owners that if you think your dog will not recall such that you may have to break social distancing to control your dog then it should be on lead. Please also read the advice under ‘Birds’.

Bins – With the warmer weather and increase in visitors numbers the bins will fill quicker than usual.  We will continue to empty them but it would help if all visitors could take all their waste home.  Please do not leave your litter on or at the side of the bins; it not only presents a risk to wildlife on the Heath but it also gets spread about.

Birds – Where we have signs up alerting you to ground nesting birds please keep to the paths, (as social distancing permits), and keep any dogs with you on a lead so they do not disturb these birds.

Cycling – Cycling is not permitted on the Heath at any time.

Byelaws – Please remember there are a set of byelaws in place to protect the site and to keep visitors safe. Do please check these before you visit.