A large number of people use Therfield Heath for recreation and have done for centuries: From 13th century tournaments and horse racing during the 17th century, to present day events such as the Rotary Kite Festival.

Cricket was played on the Heath for over 200 years and Royston Cricket Club dates from 1790.

Royston Golf Club was founded in 1892, but evidence suggests golf was played on Therfield Heath as early as 1624 or even before that.

From 1855, the Herts Militia used Therfield Heath for training and built the Rifle Range. Later this range was used by Bishop’s Stortford gun club and was closed in 1982.

Currently the site is formally used by many local clubs including Rugby, Archery, Tennis, Youth Football, Golf, Runners and for a variety of events and courses held by these clubs and by others – for example Royston in Blue and MF Tennis.