October 2018

We enter the autumn months after one of the hottest summers ever recorded and you will see how quickly the Heath recovers. With autumn comes cold and rain and the likelihood that some paths will become wet, muddy and slippery – especially on steeper slopes. Please try and avoid too much damage and erosion to the site by making use of alternative routes – there are many to choose from.

Do the sheep graze or do we cut as highlighted last month? We await news and decisions regarding the return of the sheep and the timing and locations of cutting. We will keep you up-to-date via The Listing, the map on the Heath Sports Club our website and social media.

We put up signs to warn site-users of wasps’ nests so the areas could be avoided. A dying wasp releases an alarm pheromone which smells. The odour alerts the other wasps and within 15 seconds other wasps come to the aid of the dying one, so it is best just to walk another way. By now these nests are likely to be inactive as most wasps do not live throught the winter.

We will have started our winter programme of conservation work with the volunteers on September 16th. This is the time of year to work on cutting back the scrub and saplings that encroach on the open grassland because  the disturbance to wildlife is minimal.

The next open meeting will be held in the Town Hall on October 11th @ 7pm where we can tell you more about our future plans, please do come along.


If you are interested in volunteering on Therfield Heath, please contact Cynthia. c.combe@therfieldheath.org.uk www.therfieldheath.org.uk

Enquiries maybe directed to clerk@therfieldheath.org.uk