October 11th Open meeting

Thursday 11th October 2018 saw the Conservators of Therfield Heath & Greens hold their second public meeting in the Town Hall of Royston to an audience of over 60 people from both Royston & Therfield.

The meeting was chaired by newly elected vice Chairman Colin Smith and after a warm welcome and a few apologies the first hour was listening to the Tenants of the Heath present their stories which included an insight into the Ecology of the Heath, Natural England Stewardship & the importance of Grazing delivered by Cynthia Coombe.

Amelia Whitaker updated and encouraged people to join the Friends of the Heath, followed by reports on the History of Royston Golf Club by Chairman Keith Pitts, the huge success in Rugby from President Godfrey Everett, and the need for improved changing facilities to cater for the increased number of children and ladies playing Rugby.

David May from Cricket gave an insight to the future development plans of Cricket in both Therfield known as TRAKSA and the potential to return to the Heath.

Other reports were delivered in absence by the Conservators including:  Heath Sports Club, The Police, Archery & Tennis Clubs.

The meeting was closed with a statement from Colin Smith on how busy the Heath had become and the challenges that lay ahead with opportunities and risks linked to the town’s expansion from housing, not least with a continued approach from Gladman. He expanded on how the role of the Conservators had changed and the pressures on them from all areas due to increased awareness through social media.

The big surprise was that when suggesting that car parking charges should be made with the introduction of security cameras no one seemed concerned as everywhere else was charging for parking and this money could contribute to the maintenance of the Heath car parks.