Easter & COVID-19

Since the Government’s lockdown announcements on 23 March we have seen an increase in usage of bikes on Therfield Heath and would remind everyone that cycling on the Heath is against the byelaws. Over the Easter weekend the police will be incorporating the Heath in their patrols. It has been suggested that we close the car parks but after consulting with the police, feel this would be detrimental to everyone’s enjoyment and at the moment will keep them open. It is our duty as the current caretakers to protect the Heath and whilst the vast majority of people are following the social distancing advice staying at least 2m apart, we urge everyone to abide by the government’s latest advice of one form of exercise a day, alone or with household members only. Please be considerate of others and the Heath’s wildlife and ecology.

Following the Government guidelines will reduce the spread of COVID-19 and reduce pressure on the NHS.

Thank you for your co-operation

The Conservators

Operational Matters:

Cycling – cycling is not permitted on the Heath at any time.

Car Parks – Please do park with consideration to other visitors. We would ask you to not block any entrances or prevent access for emergency vehicles. Please do not park outside the car park, or on any grass areas which can so easily be churned up.

Golf Course – The golf course is closed at present yet green keeping staff will still be maintaining the course. We would therefore ask all visitors to respect their space and please ensure dogs are kept under proper control and kept off the greens and tees and out of the bunkers.

Bins – With the increase in visitors and the potential reduction in our contractor numbers, we ask visitors to please take their litter and any dog-waste home with them for disposal. Please do not leave your litter at the side of the bins; it not only presents a risk to wildlife that lives on the Heath but it also presents a health risk.

What can you do:

Social Distancing – Social distancing measures will reduce the risk of transmitting the virus between people. For your own safety and well-being, please follow government advice in respect of social distancing and keep at least two metres between you and other visitors. For the safety and well being of others, please do not visit Therfield Heath if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are displaying symptoms of the virus (new dry cough and/or temperature).

Birds – Please remember the site is home to many ground-nesting birds who are currently trying to nest. Please try to keep to the paths near the nest sites where social distancing allows and keep your dogs with you so they do not disturb these birds.

Flowers – It is now the prime time for the pasqueflowers. If you are visiting these spectacular flowers, please try as much as possible to stick to the paths where social distancing allows. Please do not pick these precious wild flowers.

Please remember there are a set of byelaws in place to protect the site and to keep visitors safe. Do please check these before you visit.