Burning of green waste 8/9 January 2022

There is a historic ‘green waste’ pile on the heath containing brash (clippings from hedges, shrubs, or other plants). Traditionally these clipping have been burnt on metal sheets and the ash removed from site in accordance with the guidance given to Conservators. In 2020/21 Covid-19 lockdowns and other measures meant that work was delayed or deferred. However a decision has now been taken that, weather permitting, the Conservators intend to undertake this step on 8/9 January 2022. Anyone near the burn site should be aware and stay safe following any guidance given by those on site. If there are any questions or concerns do please inform us ; email clerk@therfieldheath.org.uk or our Head of Conservation on conservation@therfieldheath.org.uk.


Set up for works needed for location of water infrastructure opposite Downlands Baldock Road SG8 5BY (permitted works)

Today, and for the coming few days, you may see some works occurring on the Heath (opposite Downlands). These are permitted works occurring in order that AWL can locate and/or check part of their water infrastructure. Permission for the digging (there will be a small hole) and associated safety signs and fencing has been given by the Conservators.

If you have any concerns or questions then you may contact us via the clerk “Clerk@therfieldheath.org.uk” or our Head of Conservation “Conservation@therfieldheath.org.uk”. The works should be concluded by the end of the week.


Dr Nick Keep : SDDR Conservator

Those who joined the open meeting last week will have been introduced to Dr Keep who applied for the role of SDDR candidate. There is some information about Dr Keep on the 2021 election tab and this will be moved to the Conservator page shortly.

Dr Keep will be formally elected into his role tonight. Because there was only one candidate there is no need for the wider SDDR electorate to attend and vote. Therefore you may clear the election details from your diaries!

Going forward the Conservators are due to have further elections in February 2022 and the details of these will be advertised and shared on this website and via social media early in 2022. Arrangements will take account of any Covid 19 rules (or other guidance) in force at the time.


Open Public Meeting on 25 November 2021 OPEN TO ALL – everyone is welcome.

Everyone is invited to register for the open meeting held this week on Thursday 25 November 2021 starting at 19:00.

As in March 2021 when Conservators ran an open meeting we have set it up so that you may ask the Conservators your questions. The meeting will be run through Zoom and we have set out more information on the meeting on our SDDR election tab on the main page and also we link to it here.

SDDR Election 2021 – The Conservators of Therfield Heath and Greens

Do have a look and if you would like to find our more about what has been happening on the Heath and Greens since March 2021 then register for the meeting and send us a question if you would like. We look forward to another well attended meeting on Thursday night by Zoom.


Delayed SDDR election uncontested

There has been one candidate who has applied for the one vacant conservator role and so the SDDR election is uncontested. Professor Nicholas Keep submitted his application papers in order and on time and so he will be appointed the new SDDR Conservator in due course. You can find out more about Professor Nicholas Keep by reading his short statement in support of his application here


FAQ : Conservator Elections

Interested in finding out more about the Conservator elections or what a Conservator does? How much time commitment will this role take up? Do you need an special skills?

We have lots of information on our website but we have gathered some of the key questions which you may have and made this FAQ to explain more.

Please have a look at the FAQ below.

If you would like to stand the nomination form can be downloaded from the website or a copy can be emailed to you. Just contact our clerk on clerk@therfieldheath.org.uk.

Click here for the Conservator FAQ


2021 Royston Residents’ election / the Special Drainage District election

The plan is to run the Royston Residents’ election / the Special Drainage District election in two parts.

The first part will be an online meeting on Thursday 25 November 2021 followed by voting on Thursday 2 December 2021.

Interested candidates can find out more by reading this page on our website where the nomination form is also supplied (click here to go to page) . If you are interested in standing do please make contact with Carol Fossick – clerk – by email on clerk@therfieldheath.org.uk.