AGM – Wed 19th Feb

Election result: Votes cast – 229. Clare Swarbrick – 177; John Davison – 51; Spoiled – 1.
Congratulations Clare.

The Annual General Meeting of the Conservators will take place on Wednesday February 19th at the junior site of King James Academy, Garden Walk, Royston.

There are two meetings, the purpose of each meeting is the election of representative Conservators.

For the election of the one Conservator to represent the Commoners (by simple majority of votes cast), voting rights of commoners will be in proportion to the number of stints to which each commoner present and voting is entitled.

For the election of one Conservator to represent the residents of the Special Drainage District of Royston. Election will be by simple majority of the eligible electors present and voting.

Candidate nominations must be submitted in writing to reach the clerk on or before 5th February 2020.

Please use the nomination forms above and ensure the declaration of eligibility is also completed and submitted. Candidates will also be asked to submit a brief written statement, to be published on this website shortly after 5th February.

Further information about the SDDR and election process.