Therfield Heath is managed by the Conservators of Therfield Heath and Greens, who were set up by an Act of Parliament in 1896.

You can find information about their accounts and annual meetings by following the links below.


Annual meetings


Elected by the stintholders

Neil Guttridge:

“I have lived in Royston for over 40 years and have had great admiration for the Heath and the Conservators who look after it. The Heath is used by many varied groups of people: walkers, dog walkers, golfers, rugby players, tennis players, archers, kite flyers, runners, ecologists, bird watchers, racehorses, stargazers etc.  These very varied uses could so very easily cause friction but generally speaking, all are sympathetic to the other users of the Heath and all appreciate the special place which is Therfield Heath.

It is this community of spirit which encourages me to help with the maintenance of the Heath with the experience that I have gained in the Law, I was a Legal Executive, in property management, I have been involved in running three property companies, handing commercial lettings and general business affairs in Royston and London.”

Ben Harrop:

“I moved to this area with my family in 2014 and the Heath was a significant factor in us choosing Royston as a place to live. The Heath is somewhere that my kids play rugby, tennis, hide & seek and fly kites, it’s somewhere that we go for a walk, meet our friends for a beer and the occasional game of rounders, there isn’t a day of the week when at least one of us is on the Heath having fun, it’s also the first thing I see when I open the curtains in a morning, which is why I want to play my part in protecting it. I have a career in the building industry and work for a large construction and regeneration plc, I have experience of working in partnership with both central and local government and other public sector bodies to deliver their property regeneration schemes. I hope by volunteering to become a Conservator I can bring some of the skills and experience I’ve developed both personally and professionally for the benefit of Therfield Regulation Trust and as such everyone who uses the Heath and Greens”

Elected by the electors of The Special Drainage District of Royston

Clare Swarbrick:
Colin Smith:

“I became a Trustee to Manage & Protect this 420 acres of Natural Chalk Common land with SSSI & sporting facilities in February 2018.
I am passionate about getting the balance right of the recreational users verses protecting the Flora and Fauna.
As a Golfer I respect the natural layout of the Heath. As a resident in Royston since 1964 I fell in love the first time I saw it from the back of my fathers car as we moved here from SW London and played Hockey from 1969 on the grass pitches.
As Royston expands it is important we ALL respect this beautiful piece of nature Reserve.”

Clive Hall:

The Conservators are jointly Lords of the Manor of Therfield. They can appoint a Conservator to serve and have appointed John King.

John King:

To contact the clerk or for further information email :

Please note the clerk only works part-time