BYELAWS – update

We have been considering updating our byelaws to help clarify the rules and make them easier to understand for all site users. They haven’t been updated in many years and use of the site has changed considerably.

Thus far, we have only got as far as requesting and receiving approval from DEFRA for the consultation process that we would follow in order to change the byelaws.

The next stage is to propose a new set of byelaws and a set of justifications for them. Once that is done, we will be able to put that proposal out to consultation following the process agreed by DEFRA – as set out below.


  1. Conservators to prepare the consultation package, to consist of:
    • Proposed byelaws
    • Justification for changing byelaws
  2. Announce at a public Conservators meeting inviting responses
  3. Publish on Conservators’ web site inviting responses
  4. Email stakeholders inviting responses and offering meetings if requested
  5. Collate responses
  6. Revise byelaws as necessary
  7. Request Secretary of State approval
  8. Publish on web site and at public Conservators’ meeting